"Just after adolescence our bodies underwent a change that affected how we age. Hear how to correct this now!"

The American Journal of Medicine wrote about anti-aging treatments.

Would you like to know what they said?


Telomerance telomeraze enzyme supplement

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Recent research has shown that inserting a gene for the protein component of telomerase into senescent human cells re-extends their telomerase to lengths typical of young cells, and the cells then display all the other identifiable characteristics of young, healthy cells.


-- Journal of American Medicine

“Here's how that quote correlates with OUR theories on aging;”

1) The DNA in all organisms represent a genetic blueprint, or complete picture, of that organism.
2) An organism will complete this genetic blueprint at that stage where reproduction is most likely to occur.
3) After this reproductive stage is reached, the gland which expresses critical anti-aging enzymes (which allowed our cells to replicate to that volume needed to reach maturity) atrophies and no longer expresses these enzymes into the bloodstream.
4) With the organism's ability to replicate it's cells gone, the organism shows symptoms of age and eventually dies as internal systems fail.
5) Reintroduction of these critical enzyme extracts and peptides (which activate/replace telomerase and other critical enzymes) will extend telomeres and allow the organism's DNA to recombine again.
6) It's DNA recombined and functioning, the organism's DNA will attempt to return the organism to that physical and cellular state where reproduction occurs.

7) With a steady supply of these critical anti-aging enzymes and peptides, all organisms should retain their physical looks and youthful functionality indefinitely!

8) Reneuve® may be the most important nutritional supplement available as it was designed to address all of these concepts!
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Telomerance Telomeraze Enzyme anti-aging supplement

“What would be needed to replace the anti-aging components my body stopped producing after puberty?”

Introducing Reneuve® !

Reneuve® is a twice-yearly nutritional supplement created through an advanced cellular enzyme extraction, purification, stabilization, and filtration process. Reneuve® and Phase-5 extract critical anti-aging enzymes and peptides and then concentrate them into one solution, which is taken orally every 6 months. Reneuve® and Phase-5 combine Nobel Prize-Winning Research together with State-of-the-Art Technology to supply immune-system enhancing and anti-aging enzymes and peptides to the body once again.

"How can Reneuve® replace these critical anti-aging nutrients?"

Reneuve® is rich in critical glandular enzymes and peptide extracts, which have been shown in laboratory testing to activate and reset the telomere length of Recombinant DNA. When a healthy cell divides, the DNA within the nucleus of the cell fragments. In order for the DNA to recombine, the telomere gene must attract and bind to the correct segment of the DNA strand, in effect 'zipping' DNA together again.


Telomeres are finger-like projections on the ends of each DNAgr fragment which 'link' to other fragments.  The problem is that each time a cell divides, a small section the telomere length is lost. An average human cell has been calculated as having between 80 and 120 possible divisions  (the Hayflick Limit, named after researcher Leonard Hayflick) before needing the enzymes that will once again lengthen these telomere "fingers".  The Hayflick Limit constitutes the time before the telomere length is too small to allow the DNA to recombine. This 'old' cell has reached senescence (old age) when the DNA stays fragmented within the nucleus of the cell.    Cells without the ability to express (generate) their own telomere renewing enzymes are called 'Mortal' cells.
A specific gland in the human body expresses the greatest amount of Telomere Lengthening Enzymes during its first 16 years (oxygenated blood passes through this gland and carries the telomerase to all cells in the body). This makes sense, as a child's cells would need more than 120 divisions for the body to grow to adulthood. The rare instances of children born without the ability to express these enzymes due to a degenerated thymus gland (see picture at right of 2 youths showing the symptoms of the disease Progeria) leave them small in size and with short life-spans. So technically, the telomeres of a child are constantly reset by these enzymes up to and throughout puberty. By the age of 25, the gland that produced these enzymes in nearly all adults has atrophied and the percentage of telomere-lengthening enzymes can be shown to be negligible! Reintroduction of thymic enzymes and peptides into a senescent cell (which has not been able to recombine it's DNA due to cellular senescence) has shown that the telomeres elongate and the DNA recombines again! Once its telomere length is reset, a healthy cell can go from a static Senescent state to a functional cell capable of cellular divisions. Reproductive cells within the human body have provisions to reset the length of their telomeres indefinitely and can be seen as having Cellular Immortality, as their ability to replicate is indefinite. Reneuve® addsTelomere Elongating Enzymes and Peptides into the body once again in one dose, and Phase-5 is a sublingual application of the same powerful product!**

"Now we'll explore more extended information on telomere science"

Telomeres Adult Stem Cells

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You've heard Dr. Oz speak of the importance of telomeres; shortened telomeres equal older cells which will eventually lose their ability to divide. Our product re-introduces telomere lengthening enzymes and peptides into the body!

Our research indicates that the greatest amount of cells in the body replicate themselves roughly every 30-36 hours. Some are slower, some are faster, but for the purposes of the Reset we'll set our timetable for cellular mitosis as 36 hours. Next we're going to use the Hayflick Limit. That's named after the Scientist who found that the average cell in our body replicates itself around 100 times. Now here's where it gets tricky: Each time a cell undergoes division, it's CLONE has that same amount of divisions left minus 1! So, parent cell divides and the two split cells are now capable of dividing 99 times. Those 2 cells divide and the 4 generated cells are now capable of dividing 98 times.


So! How long will your cells divide given the concept that they MUSTage progression divide (like after a bad car accident or after your first couple years of Resets when your body is replacing so many damaged cells)? Here is when the math comes into play. Using the concept that the average cell replicates every 36 hours, and after 100 divisions the cell becomes senescent again means that the parent cell has 3,600 hours or 3,600 hours/24hours per day = 150 days. I don't like to mention this math because every cell will NOT be Reset back to its original (base) telomere length! No, the telomere length is dependent on the amount of building material present in each cell's nucleus as well as the presence of any oxidants (which cling to the fragmented RNA and nucleotide particles and thereby make them 'keyed wrong' for the reverse transcriptase machine's use). So can you take too little telomerase? Absolutely. Can you take too much? Excess telomerase is seen in urine samples (in young people) so this will be eventually screened and removed from the body.


Lastly, we must understand that telomeres do not decrement as we'd like (decrease in length). Sometimes significant telomere loss can occur after just 1 cellular division, and scientists believe lifestyle, oxidants, and stress contribute greatly to this phenomenon.

"So Take the supplement that Solves these problems!"

Telomerance anti-aging supplement
reneuveReneuve® is just the type of anti-aging and telomere repairing product you've been looking for. It replenishes the critical anti-aging telomerase as well as important peptides and nucleotides that are required for your cell's nucleus to be able to undergo healthy division once again.




"Is this difficult to take or easy?"

It's Easy! Drink your full-body Reset (the Reneuve® vial) about an hour before your next meal on an empty stomach. This is important as the body takes about an hour before digestive enzymes are released which may damage the proteins within the Reneuve®. That's all there is to it!

Phase-5 is taken sublingually, and I prefer to take 1-2 drops each night before bedtime as it enables me to have a better REM sleep pattern. You may take your Phase-5 in the morning or evening, and as it's absorbed under your tongue (place the drops under your tongue and hold them there until they're abosrbed) you can take this supplement anytime, before/during/after meals. We have clients who prefer to take the Phase-5 instead of the Reneuve for this reason, and those clients will take a larger amount of drops per day until their Phase-5 vial is empty (each Phase-5 vial contains 30 mL of fluid, or approximately 420 drops of these anti-aging ingredients).

Most clients take their one vial of Reneuve® first and then take the daily Phase-5 drops, making the most of this remarkable product.

"Who Discovered Reneuve®?"

Reneuve® was created by Phoenix Research Institute and licensed to Reneuve, LLC for this product. Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn discovered and coined the term "telomerase enzyme" back in 1985, and Universities have extracted these enzymes for teaching purposes for decades. It wasn't until 2004 that Phoenix Research Institute utilized the technology and stabilized the enzyme in solution for use as a nutritional supplement.

“There are other Telomere-Lengthening products available, why try Reneuve®?”

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Some telomere-lengthening products utilize cactus/plant extracts whose observed side-effects lengthen telomeres.

Other products utilize thymus extracts from bovine sources, which are not 100% compatible with human telomere alignment. Reneuve® utilizes 100% Porcine thymus glandular extracts (100% telomere alignment compatibility with human telomeres) and really, wouldn't you want to replace the enzyme your body needs most with young glandular extracts whose sole purpose in your body is to extend life, and not rely on the side-effect from a plant extract?

I know I would! I choose Reneuve®!

"How Can I buy by own Reneuve®?"

One bottle of Reneuve® is only $250.00 ($20 International Priority Shipping to all International customers overseas). It's a little more expensive than other "anti-aging" nutritional supplements at your local vitamin shop or on the internet, and a lot cheaper than the high-end hormone replacement and some cactus-extracts our competitors use. Reneuve® is manufactured in the United States of America and will ship to any country.

Here are 3 really good reasons you should try Reneuve®;

Reneuve® works with your body's own regeneration ability to lengthen telomeres. Once the telomeres are longer, the nucleus can begin to combine the DNA and replicate/replace cells once again.

Reneuve® has been seen to normalize hormonal levels and produce a greaeter sense of peace and well being in nearly all of our clients.

Reneuve® has never shown any negative side-effects, only health-enhancing and age prolonging results!

In Conclusion:

What am I trying to achieve here?"

A Longer, healthier life so that I may watch over my family and live beyond my years.

What are the benefits of Reneuve®?"

It gives me the tools that my body needs to support the Longer, healthier life I desire!

This is, in our opinion, the keystone to the most important concept ever discovered in molecular biology! Our congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn who received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009 for her work with telomeres and telomerase enzyme spanning 4 decades. Thank you Elizabeth!

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